Understanding How Trauma Affects Victims of Domestic Abuse

This 2 hour course will provide you with increased knowledge around trauma and its link to the experiences of domestic abuse victims. Through an interactive programme you will  begin to understand how victims can be affected by trauma and in turn how this will affect their future experiences as well as their engagement and presentation with professionals.  

Upon completion of the course you will be able to: 

  • Explore the different trauma responses from the brain  
  • Understand the impact of trauma on adults and children 
  • Explore the meaning and nature of trauma bonding 
  • Gain confidence in encouraging disclosures from victims affected by trauma as a result of domestic abuse 
  • Adopt a trauma informed approach when working with victims domestic abuse 

The course costs £35 and you will have the option to pay using a Debit or Credit card after registering. If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us directly at training@idas.org.uk

Our training events are usually heavily oversubscribed. If there are no places left for this training session, please email us at the above address and we will let you know when new dates become available.