Volunteer Training Session C (online Zoom session)

Volunteer session C - woman writing

Session C Overview

This session comprises of strategies around how to manage boundary pushing. We practise effective listening skills as the groundwork of building a rapport with a client and we discuss the impact of body language. In addition, we discuss the impact of vicarious trauma, what self-care actually is and finish by clarifying your next steps on the volunteer journey.

IDAS Volunteer pre-training protocol

We want you to get the best out of training and feel supported and secure. Please follow the following protocol once you have been invited to our online training sessions:

  • Please be punctual, we will invite you into the group at the time allocated on the invite.
  • Allow time for yourself to access the training in its entirety.
  • Ensure you are in a private space with minimal chance of interruption.
  • If you are inadvertently disturbed, please mute yourself and turn your camera off.
  • Please note you can use the chat box to query the whole group or to send a direct message to the facilitator.
  • Do not share training log in details with anyone else.
  • If you experience any difficulties accessing ZOOM please contact the host or the member of staff responsible for your invitation.