Supporting Clients with Dementia in Domestic Abuse Situations

IDAS has created this training session which draws on the groundbreaking research from Dewis Choice Initiative at Aberystwyth University, “Domestic abuse and the co-existence of dementia”. Dewis Choice Initiative have peer reviewed this training, which aims to help learners understand how to support older people who may be victims of domestic abuse, who also have dementia.

This course is an excellent follow up for our training, Supporting Victims of Elder Abuse.

This course includes:

  • The definition and legislation around domestic abuse
  • The symptoms and effects of dementia
  • How dementia can impact the experiences of domestic abuse victims
  • How to support people with dementia in order to help them disclose and seek support for domestic abuse
  • Safety planning and safeguarding considerations for victims with dementia.

The course costs £35 and you will have the option to pay using a Debit or Credit card after registering. If you wish to pay by invoice, please contact us directly at

Our training events are usually heavily oversubscribed. If there are no places left for this training session, please email us at the above address and we will let you know when new dates become available.